Ask Me Why?

Photo by Jhayne

Photo by Jhayne

People have told me I was born with a helping heart. I am not so sure I was born with a business heart. If I see a need I can help with, I am so there. I don’t do it for attention, though by blogging about it, someone is sure to say that.

I am implusive and complusive. Right now I am trying to help @dendari who I met on Twitter with his Chicago Pinkslipparty for Friday. He doesn’t have a place for it. My two hat personality jumps right in there and says who do I know? I’m reaching out on Twitter, by e-mail, and to e-lists… I am an event organizer at heart who has put things together and been amazed when they worked.

I work long hours for my non-profit, Wausau Whitewater, because I believe in the gem of a whitewater course in downtown Wausau and want others to know and I also believe in the power of the whitewater community’s mindset. I don’t paddle (and for the last three years, I’ve added the word, yet!) But I love the goal-setting mentality. They set their mind to getting better at a skill and they do it. I see it expand to their lives. See this except from an article that Ben Peters from Hudson, Minnesota, a now 16 year old competitor wrote with me for the 2008 issue of Wausau Whitewater:

“Paddling has taught Ben so many things that affect him in everyday life. Paddling has taught him determination, concentration, maturity, wisdom, respect and how to wake up in the morning and keep on going no matter how wet and smelly his river booties are. Asked how paddling relates to the rest of his life, Ben said, “Paddling helps me in all of my others sports like ski racing, pole vaulting, running, road biking, weight lifting and soccer. I always give every sport that I am in everything that I have to offer both physically and mentally.  It also plays into my education in high school. Paddling stories are my main topic for English assignments and discussions because of the life lessons I have learned in my paddling excursions. It also give me drive to get above a 3.8 GPA because if I don’t meet those standards, no paddling for me.” Ben realizes it is important to have an education because if his future job doesn’t have to do with kayaking, he needs something to fall back on. Though his teachers might think otherwise, Ben says “Paddling also helps me in class when a topic is a bit dull, I can always daydream about sticking that perfect air loop or pivot turn. 
“Ben’s current goal for paddling is to compete in the 2012 Olympics in London for slalom and maybe freestyle if it becomes an Olympic sport.”

Yet, of course, it is really my Design Resumes side that pays the bills, the contract with Wausau Whitewater is a great base but only covers about 1/4 of our monthly expenses. This economy has affected many of the resume writers across the country as people delay buying decisions. Everyone thinks I should have clients pounding on the doors but it hasn’t been that way at all. I am busy but more busy with Wausau Whitewater projects and the “helping” projects that catch my heart and move me into trying to see if I can make a difference.

In the past, I really was frightened about finances and in order to keep my credit report pristine, I borrowed from Peter to pay Paul. But since then I have been working on trusting God more so I don’t panic and borrow and been coached to look at every expense very critically. As I started writing this post, the phone rang with a new client who will be here at 2pm. Back to trusting that God will provide. I focus on the goal setting of the paddling community and continue to strive to reach my goals while following my heart to the next project that needs my help.


3 Responses to “Ask Me Why?”

  1. 1 Dawn Bugni March 3, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Julie –

    You’re so right. I’ve found so often in any business and life in general for that matter, we are not really in charge.

    I’ve also found if I keep my head down, work hard and keep on giving, the Lord always provides. Pollyanna approach? Maybe a little, but the enerygy I could spend whining about “circumstances”, I choose, like you, to put into helping others.

    Return on that helping investment? I don’t have enough space on the entire Internet to list all the benefits of putting good out into the world.

    Reach out and help, regardless the immediate payback. It always comes back. You and I are proof of that.

    Great post. You can tell it came straight from your generous, giving heart.

  2. 2 Julie Walraven March 3, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    Ah, Dawn you bring tears to my eyes because I already have the evidence of your helping heart. You have gone out of your way so many times for me. The Lord does provide and my network keeps growing with amazing people that blow me away! I do feel blessed!

  3. 3 Andrew Plath March 29, 2009 at 12:14 am

    Sometimes we have to have faith. I know that Bill is the arch conservative but we have to have some faith in the current administration. No matter whose in the White House, God is still in charge as he always was and always will be.

    This economy is changing. I just dealt with a web hosting firm whose chief technical officer wasn’t certain that the company name was a sell-able item.

    When I think of the names of the makers of competition canoes and kayaks, for example, I find that many were chosen because they meant a quality or standard that would meet or beat competitors. That is with everything.

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